China in Africa: Debunking myths and debating truths

In the context of its ongoing work on new trade and development partners in Africa, the Development Centre hosted a  presentation and debate of Asia/Africa expert Deborah Brautigam’s new book The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa. Professor Brautigam began by explaining away the greatest myths surrounding China’s engagement in Africa and ended with a summary of the different approaches to development held by China and traditional donors to the region.

Before the open Q&A period, remarks were made by the Centre’s Head of Research Helmut Reisen who provided a more global perspective on China’s rise; and Michael Laird, Coordinator of the China-DAC Study Group who posed questions about data, transparency and what DAC donors can learn from China, among others.

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Chinese Economic Performance in the Long Run- Second Edition: This book uses a comparative approach to explain why China’s role in the world economy has changed so dramatically in the last thousand years. This edition has been revised and updated and Chapter 4 is new. It concludes that China will resume its role as the world’s largest economy by 2015.

The Rise of China and India – What’s in it for Africa?: African countries are not simply spectators to the economic rise of China and India, they are party to it. This book demonstrates how the growing economic power of China and India is already influencing the growth patterns of African countries.

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