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Africa and its Emerging Partners

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Africa and its Emerging Partners

The focus of the 2010 AEO is Africa's Emerging Economic Partnerships, presenting a comprehensive review of Africa's expanding economic relations with outside the continent that until very recently did not belong to the club of traditional "donors", the OECD Development Assistance Committee. Africa benefits not only from the visible direct interactions with large emerging countries – investment, trade, aid – but also from the macroeconomic, political and strategic advantages that their rise has produced.

Africa and its Emerging Partners

The 2011 edition of this Outlook's thematic chapter investigates the rise of Africa's emerging partners. It analyses policy options for African policy-makers to make the best out of Africa's rapid integration into the global economy. The decade that began at the onset of the new century saw emerging partners swiftly rise from a relatively marginal position to one of fully fledged partners. Africa's trade volumes with its emerging partners have doubled in nominal value over the decade and now amount to 37o of Africa's total trade. While China represents Africa's leading emerging partner, having surpassed the United States in volume, the continent's trade with its other emerging partners, taken together, is even larger than its trade with China alone. China represents more than a third of Africa's trade with emerging partners.

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Africa and its Emerging Partners

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