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Encouraging entrepreneurship in Africa is vital to achieving the Global Goals

Blogs 28/03/2017

By Dr. Amy Jadesimi, CEO, LADOL

Next week, the OECD Global Forum on Development will convene in Paris to discuss the critical role the private sector must play in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals). Private sector funding, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable business models can rapidly reorient the global economy towards achieving prosperity through business models that align with the goals.

Here’s what we know: At least USD 12 trillion could be added to the global economy by 2030 if the private sector embraces sustainable business models in the1 four key development areas of energy and materials, health and well-being, food and agriculture, and cities. Embracing sustainable business models in other sectors will push this figure even higher. This level of private sector engagement could create 380 million new jobs, primarily in low income, high growth countries.

Low income, high growth countries (LIHG) are crucial to ongoing and future global stability and prosperity. The United Nations projects that by 2050 Africa will account for more than half of the world’s population growth and 25% the world’s nine billion people, most of which will be under the age of 30. The global propensity to treat Africa as a source of raw materials and short-term high returns must end quickly. The coming population boom will be a global boom, just as the population boom in America led to the country’s sustained prosperity. This prosperity was driven by local entrepreneurs and long-term investors.

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