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Structural Transformation and Natural Resources

Theme 2013
Structural Transformation and Natural Resources

African economies today are facing the formidable challenge of creating more and better jobs, not just by sustaining the pace of growth, but by making it more inclusive. Structural transformation is fundamental to meeting this challenge and Africa’s abundant natural resource wealth can provide the base. Indeed the Agenda 2063 of the African Union has committed to facilitating structural transformation as one the main pillar for a prosperous future of the continent.

Structural Transformation and Natural Resources

Structural transformation entails the rise of new, more productive activities and the movement of resources and labour from traditional activities to these newer ones, raising overall productivity. Without the first, there is little that propels the economy forward. Without the second, productivity gains are not diffused to the rest of the economy. In Africa, while overall productivity rose and labour moved to more productive activities over the last 10 years and reversed the previous trend of the 1990s, productivity growth was too slow and has not created enough jobs to lower poverty.

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