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Public Resource Mobilisation and Aid in Africa

Theme 2010
Public Resource Mobilisation and Aid in Africa

African Economic Outlook 2010 focuses on public resource mobilisation and aid in Africa, presenting a comprehensive review of best practices in tax administration, policies and multilateral agreements, including recommendations for meeting future challenges. The role that aid should play to help African countries mobilise their public resources to meet their development goals is also discussed.

Public Resource Mobilisation and Aid in Africa

The global economic crisis has given a new impetus to dialogue on domestic resource mobilisation in Africa. Lower export revenues, uncertain future foreign investment and aid inflows amidst generally high levels of indebtedness have raised the importance of increasing domestic resources. Africa faces three types of challenges with respect to mobilising additional public resources: structural bottlenecks; an unbalanced tax mix; and the erosion of existing tax bases by excessive granting of tax preferences, inefficient taxation of extractive activities and an inability to fight transfer pricing by multinational enterprises.

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Public Resource Mobilisation and Aid in Africa


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