is the latest evolution of the annual African Economic Outlook report, essentially bringing its trusted, high quality content into the digital age. Like the report, combines the expertise of the African Development Bank, the OECD Development Centre, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the United Nations Development Programme and a network of African think tanks and research centres. Its wide country coverage and methods of analysis are essential for anyone seeking to understand the economic, social and political developments of African countries.

The website provides comprehensive and comparable data and analysis of 53 African economies. Each country profile is generated by an expert from a partner institution who meets with and collects data and information from the most important stakeholders in each context. These include:  authorities in the Treasury, Offices of Statistics and Planning; members and representatives of the private sector such as banks, the Chamber of Commerce and large companies; NGOs, trade unions, journalists and donors.  They then produce a comprehensive analysis of the recent developments and undertake original projections for the near future. is the only resource on Africa which employs a cross-country, macro-economic framework, allowing for comparative analysis both over time and across countries. It also undertakes in-depth studies of sectors critical for the continent’s development.  Beyond the country outlooks, you will find important resources such as ongoing research, news and events.